Our History

Our History

GEOTEK was founded in 1990 by the principals of Aligned Fiber Composites, a fiberglass pultrusion firm established in 1971. Although initially focusing on pultruded fiberglass fencing products, GEOTEK quickly moved into the development and manufacturing of a variety of pultruded products such as tension bars and nursery stakes.


In 1994, GEOTEK began its partnership with PUPI® (Pultruded Utility Products Inc) to refine and manufacture fiberglass beams for crossarms. Leveraging GEOTEK’s expertise in product design and pultrusion, PUPI crossarms were significantly redesigned for improved strength, reliability and longevity. In


March of 2000, GEOTEK purchased the assets to Pultruded Utility Products Inc and renamed the business Pultruded Utility Products International, PUPI®, to reflect the growth of the utility product lines outside of the United States. Since then, the PUPI product line has been greatly expanded to provide crossarms, brace and other utility structures to meet broad customer needs in both distribution and transmission structures worldwide. This product expansion was supported by the addition of a second manufacturing facility in Stewartville, MN in 2020. Within North America, GEOTEK is the leading provider of fiberglass crossarms.


Pictured on the right are three of GETOEK’s most influential CEOs. Conrad Fingerson, Dale Nordquist, and current CEO, Ben Wiltsie.


In February of 2009, the majority interest in GEOTEK was purchased by Granite, a Minnesota-based private investment and holding company. Founded in 2002 in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Granite has a mission to grow companies and create value for all stakeholders. As trusted partners, innovative leaders, and responsible stewards, we view all decisions through a 100-year sustainability lens, and they aspire to world-class wellbeing for all people in and around the Granite community. For more information about Granite, visit Granite.com.