Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us at or 1-800-533-1680 for any questions regarding Common Sense Fence that are not answered by the information below.

What are the advantages of fiberglass fencing over other materials like wood?

Fiberglass composite materials do not rot or rust. Fiberglass composite posts are stronger by weight than other fence posts, including metal and wood posts. Fiberglass is also not a conductor meaning the posts cannot cause electrical shorts. This allows for the use of strong metal clips which reduces maintenance time and expenses over the life of the fence.

How long will the fiberglass posts last?

GEOTEK’s SunGUARD II coating prevents UV degradation. Our patented coating also ensures your posts will not discolor or have fiber slivers, keeping them looking new for decades to come. There are GEOTEK fences in the market that have been in use for over 40 years.

How far apart can you space the line posts?

While other fence post require a 10’ to 20’ spacing, our Common Sense Fence posts are spaced farther apart at 30’, saving you time and money! We recommend using high quality line material such as hi-tensile wire or ElectroBRAID with our product.

What are the post color options?

Our fence posts come in white and look great in any area or application. Unlike other fencing options, like large wood posts, our fence posts are unimposing and allow for the surrounding landscape to take center stage. Furthermore, our SunGUARD II UV coating protects against degradation and discoloration meaning your fence posts will maintain their clean and streamlnned look throughout their service life.

How does this fencing system help keep my animals safe?

We understand the safety of your animals is a top priority for you. If one of your animals does happen to collide with the fencing, our system allows for flexibility and will spring back into place. This also means a reduced likelihood of serious or life threatening injuries for your livestock due to fencing incidents.