Border States honors GEOTEK with “Supplier of the Year” Service Award

Border States honors GEOTEK with “Supplier of the Year” Service Award

GEOTEK was recently honored by Border States with their 2023 Service Excellence, Supplier of the Year Award. A team from Border States traveled to our facilities in Minnesota to present the award directly to our employees.

When sharing the criteria for this award, Kristen Murphy, Category Director at Border States spoke about the outstanding “consistency and reliability” of the products GEOTEK manufactures. She raved, “You are exceptional. When you leave work tonight and everyday, please know what you do is very appreciated and makes our jobs much easier.”  Kristen continued, “Consistency, reliability, on-time delivery, and overall service is critical; especially as we are managing inventory and end customer demand.”

Chris Davis, Category Manger shared, “Services like storm response and the dependability of what you deliver is key. Thank you!”

Josh Vennes, Regional Procurement Manager highlighted the growth of our partnership saying, “We’ve grown a lot together over the last few years. It’s huge to have GEOTEK as a supplier that we trust and count on.”

The collaboration between GEOTEK and Border States supports our ability to execute operational excellence internally. It also drives the world-class service we provide to our end customers in the Utility market.

As a distributor, Border States services Utility, Industrial, and Construction industries.

GEOTEK manufactures PUPI® fiberglass crossarms and Alliance™ fiberglass light poles.